• Khushboo Garg

Oh Boy!

Hey, I met a boy,  Did I? I met eyes, a window to his soul or mine? Who is he? A clay to be moulded? Or a mystery to be unfolded? A mix of both I guess.. Who are you? A world on your own? Or in my world alone? Or a creator of a world with little of me and a lot of your own? A mix of all I guess.. I met a boy, I never intended to meet, Boy with a long feet, And twicely brushed teeth, Oh! This is turning into a rhyme, Need to change I have time, Let this not be typical and seen, Boy, let your story be written your way, Cause you are beautiful that way, I am here to see silent waves in your ocean, Somedays I take a deep dive, You are all peace and life, Oh boy, you are here and me too, It is the melody that plays out of your headphones.


Zindagi Gulzar Hai