Review Zindagi Gulzar Hai Start Date 16th November On Hum TV

Hum TV guys have given the start date for once the show should go on air, therefore all the Fawad and Umaira Ahmed followers specifically should have a thing to be genuinely delighted about for the reason that their wait will probably be over shortly. The Umaira Ahmad public page says it will eventually commence around the 16th Nov and also the FB page claims it begins on 19th November however in any case we know now it surely is broadcasting in November.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai is the tale of Kashaf; the oldest child of an informed lady who performs day in and also day out as being an instructor to take care of her 3 children all onto her own. The mommy seems to lose almost all her personal regard when her spouse departs her to have an unfounded female simply because she gave birth to a male child. Kashaf decides to bring back her missing self-importance by obtaining entrance in the finest college of the nation and after that stands out as a govt. officer.

She got to know a dude in her college who she at first cannot stand but this particular hate is in the future converted into marriage. While the man extends to know the household up-close and private, he appreciates the battle of a wonderful mum for training ideals and esteem to her kids but because of her difficult lifestyle she feels that Allah would not appreciate her. On other side the young man has solid household; he’s a method with women and is attractive. He does not remember Allah whilst dwelling his high-class lifestyle. However as soon as he got into in real life he understands that he him self is a traditional individual.

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